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Why Choose Hartmann?

Review our website, give us a call and talk with our friendly staff to set up a webinar. Let our helpful technical staff show you how you can tailor our systems to meet all your unique requirements with simple drag and drop customization, and our fully documented API. We are confident if you do the research you will come to the conclusion why so many happy clients choose Hartmann to protect and automate their facilities.

Proudly Canadian

All manufacturing, research, development and technical support is done here in Canada. This allows us to produce the highest quality products for your facilities.


Our built in scripting engine (ACE) is written against our own fully documented RESTful API. This gives you powerful options to tailor the system to your clients needs.


We are both a hardware and software house. We develop and produce our own controllers as well as software. This allows us to have some of the most competitively priced systems on the market.

Hartmann offers a suite of flexible deployment and controller options for your installation needs. Such as our Over the Door Module, PRS traditional controller or Elevator/IO. As well as our cloud hosted, dealer hosted or deployed solutions.


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  • New Jersey

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