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Since 1988 Tattile has developed and produced ANPR cameras for ITS & Mobility applications and Vision Systems for quality inspection on production lines.

Embedded vision systems and custom made software for ANPR (automatic number plate reading), ITS, Videoanalytics and Machine Vision applications.

Tattile offer a wide range of smart cameras powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) capable to cover the most demanding applications in the Mobility market, with a special emphasis on Big Data Collection and Smart Cities.

Traffic: ANPR solutions for ITS applications

We are specialized in programming and developing ANPR solutions for ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications. Tattile offers a range of smart cameras created specifically for Tolling, speed enforcement, red light enforcement, traffic tracking, access control, and tunnel safety. Our team, formed by more than thirty engineers, is able to develop Custom Made ANPR Cameras for our clients’ specific needs.

Video Analytics:

Thanks to the new frontiers opened by algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, we are able to offer and to develop a wide range of Video Analytics applications for the Railway and Retail markets.

Machine Vision:

We provide Machine Vision solutions for inspections, measurements, verifications, recognition, process control and analysis of color, shape, texture with a special focalization on the Sorting and Packaging Industry.


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